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Polish team in CanSat 2016

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Ever wondered how the CanSat looks like before it’s squeezed into a can? A bit like that:

It's hard to believe, but this all of this cable clutter is an actual CanSat... Well, not the whole CanSat, we've got another table like this ;D
Personally I've no idea what most of those cables are for, but Andrzej and Szymon claim that we need all of them.
See that white tube on the right of the "cable spider"? It's part of our secret project. Shhh... don't tell anyone!
That little square on the left is the GPS receiver. Next to it, on the green rectangle is the main transceiver with a small antenna attached. This big yellow rectangle on the right is upscaled version of the probe's main board (with additional connectors for debugging purposes). The rest of the main components are either somewhere inside this great cable mess or waiting for their turn to be integrated.