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Polish team in CanSat 2016

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Today our team made a trip to the Cracow Aeroclub airfield in Pobiednik to test the prototype of our CanSat.

Thanks to our friend Tomasz Nowiński, who is a professional drone pilot, we were able to not only properly test our prototype but also evaluate our physical calculations and algorithms.

Below is the photo report from the event:

The man and his machine

As Tomek claims, his hexacopter can carry a 6kg camera, so our prototype was a child’s play for it.

Parachute test

Before we will drop our prototype better check the parachute. Let’s drop a fake CanSat (some metal stuff for a ballast), 150 meters above the ground should be enough.

Yep, parachute is working.

Now it’s time for the real prototype.

The prototype in action

Even with our telephoto lens the drone can be barely seen at altitude of nearly 500 meters (that’s half of the last year’s European CanSat Competition launch altitude!)

The prototype safely in hands of our one-man recovery team.
Hexacopter returning to base.

We made a few following test drops and gathered several thousands lines of sensor readings.

Can't decide if this picture more resembles Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam" or if it's a hexacopter and its pilot high-fiving.

We worked till the sunset, when the visibility became too low to allow the drone to fly safely, then we packed up and returned home knowing, that a weekend of data analysis and calculation is coming.