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Polish team in CanSat 2016

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Yeah, we love those data flow diagrams ;D

The ground support system consists of:

  • a data receiver, with external 433 MHz antenna,
  • a video receiver, with external 5.8 GHz antenna and video grabber,
  • a laptop computer, receiving data and video from the CanSat, performing necessary calculations, preparing the results and compressing video,
  • a web server, presenting the mission status and results online.

Short description of the three main modules:

Receiver station

  • Language: Python
  • Libraries/Frameworks: QT5, pyserial
  • Location: laptop computer at launch site

This module receives the data from the antenna, performs necessary calculations and uploads them to the server. Receiver station also embeds some of the Backend and Frontend features in case of communication problems and for local preview.


  • Language: Python
  • Libraries/Frameworks: Django
  • Database: MySQL (MariaDB)
  • Location: Team’s web server

Stores data for the frontend module


  • Language: HTML5 + SASS + JavaScript
  • Libraries/Frameworks: jQuery, Highcharts
  • Location: client machines (part of team’s website)

The frontend is responsible for presenting the current mission state and results to the end user.

Preview of the Receiver station