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Polish team in CanSat 2016

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Welcome to the official site of KrakSat - our team is ready to take on the challenge and join the 2016 European CanSat Competition!

To start things off, we enter the stage of gathering ideas and planning our mission. We are going to assign different tasks to the members of our team in order to organize teamwork. The precursory results will be presented to the judges in a form of a report on 30th of October.

Our initial meetings have proved to be very effective. There are already the first outlines of ideas that we can use in the creation of CanSat.

  • Measuring particular properties of the planet, like its mass, radius and escape velocity, what was our main goal a year ago;
  • Broadcasting a live transmission from the camera in the CanSat;
  • Measuring the oxygen content of the atmosphere.

While the ideas are slowly evolving into the sketches of our project, we are going to do our best and hope for the best!